F1_1When StackPC meets ATR Structure…

ATR, which stands for Air Transport Rack, is an universal standard that determines the dimension and function of a rugged system especially dedicated to avionics/aerospace applications.

PERFECTRON’s Unique Solution

While usual ATR structure incorporates PCI, VPX, and VME based form factors, PERFECTRON’s F1-30 Conduction cooled ATR is powered by PCIe104 small form factor modules. PCIe104 – StackPC architecture provides even more exibility in designing rugged COTS computers.

Also known as ARINC, the concept has been used universally for not only aviation purpose but also vehicles with wheels and tracks.

F1 wedge_lockThe Power of Conduction Cooling

PERFECTRON, being the master of thermal design, has once again achieved fanless design through conduction cooling method. With each layer comes a heat plate to touch directly the heated parts, the thermal performance is of the highest level. e top side, which is designated as the customized I/O interface, is equipped with water/dust proof MIL-STD M12 connectors (enhanced D38999 by request).


F1 wedge_lock_And _cold_plateTo ensure maximum reliability in rugged, heavy shock, and high vibration terrains, Wedge-Lok can provide equally satisfying results. With 5 segments, shied design, Wedge-Lok also help to transfer the heat and ensure best conductivity of heat load.

The multi-segment design highlights on its ability to withstand massive vibration and shock, providing even higher sustainability through the torque-limiting design.




Conductive Cooling Modules for Extreme Power



A solid material that can effectively conduct the heat is used to move the heat to the system enclosure and dissipated to the external surroundings. The machined copper cooling plates matching the component layout are placed between each layer; heat is carried away to the edges where a Wedge-Lok mechanism secures inside the chassis, coming up with a thermal interface.



Flexibility in Nature – Configurative Thermal Design

Following the rigid tradition of PERFECTRON’s thermal concept, F1 is designed with layered heat plates that are in direct contact with the heated areas. Heat dissipation for components that gather a considerable amount of heat is the key in the overall thermal performance. For different modules, we’ve designed a matched heat plate that fits perfectly into the body for effective conductive cooling.






Conduction Cooled Chassis Platform up to 10 Slots

PERFECTRON’s ATR solution comes with an all-in-one design enclosure; each slot can securely t a Wedge-Lok, and each layer comes with a firmly attached, direct contact copper heat plate to complete a effectively cooled interior.
What makes conduction cooling method so practical is that it is without moving parts, therefore suitable for high altitude and underwater applications.