Vision, Calculate & Record

The concept of using Artificial Intelligence to help with security has a bad reputation, as we all like to keep personal matters a secret. The majority of surveillance is to protect either our liberties, avoid dangerous situations or to record events. Sundance’s technology is used for both civilian and military solutions.

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Collect, Process & Transmit

The term ‘Fast Enough’ does not apply in modern communication systems and will never be introduced. The ever growing demand for more bandwidth is fuelling development of safer wireless communication and faster wired infrastructures. Sundance’s technology is used for both.

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Monitor, Check & Decide

The impact of technology in our daily life and safety provided by autonomous system is only in the Public’s interest when it goes wrong. The concept billions of ”Internet-of-Things” units and “Cloud Computing” will provide even more benefits in our society. Sundance’s technology is used for both

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Who are Sundance.Solutions

Sundance Solutions are the highlights of the collection of  fully packaged solutions  and  “COTS” solutions  supplied by Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd. Please have a look round and you want more details, information or help, then use the “Contact Us”.